there will be light.

Hi, my name is Nikki and I apologize in advance.

Broadway is pretty cool.

n2n gif: epistemologicalfallacy

BUT if you have any questions or just wanna talk about heathers or gglam or cripple of inishmaan send me messages


AU: modern Wicked.

also i haven’t been on like at all minus queued posts because I’ve been out of town and am almost out of data and am barely around wifi so ya also this is just a really busy time for me

I expect lots of audio from the taylor swift show tonight

What time are you suppose to be at the theatre if you want to rush? Is 5am too early?

It depends on the show. Go to BroadwaySpotted’s rush report to see specifically what time people get there. I’d say around 8 is normally fine, but if you get there at 5 you’re basically guaranteed decent rush seats so that’s good!

You don't know anyone at your school right? Do you have any advice? I'm starting a new school in September..

Of course! I’m at orientation right now which is definitely going to be a lot different from actually starting school because it’s designed for you to meet people. But really you just have to constantly introduce yourself to new people. It’s really hard for me because I’m somewhat of an introvert and definitely bad at small talk, but for the most part, everyone’s in this new college experience together so it’s okay. Anytime you find yourself surrounded by strangers, introduce yourself to someone and talk about where you’re from and what your major is. Soon you just find a person to hang out with and then both of you find other people and then you’ve made multiple friends! And don’t be afraid to ask for their number and actually text them too. Plan a time to eat a meal or something. The hard thing to remember about college and not knowing anyone is you really have to take initiative when it comes to making plans and meeting up with people. No one is going to call/text you to come with them places anymore; you have to just go for it. But don’t be afraid to talk and meet anyone and everyone. The more names/faces you know, the better! And definitely don’t rule anyone out because of what you think they might be like. Get to know everyone!

Sorry this is so long, but hope I helped and hope you see this message!


Theatre Challenge: 1/10 Performers

Laura Osnes

"I was never like, ‘Oh, I really want to play Cinderella.’ That’s not necessarily always been the dream. But it’s super fun to play a princess."

Theatre Challenge: Shows (5/9)

↳ Bare

Chris and Tom offered to help me train to become a police officer.


I died laughing for 8 million years

"If you could conjure up Oscar Hammerstein right now, what you would say to him about your career on having sprung from him in so many ways?"


Guys I’m having so much fun at orientation I’ve met a billion new people and we just stayed out til 12:30 talking and we went to a dance party and had ice cream and I’m so happy!!!

What's your favorite number from Matilda?

Lyrically, musically, and visually: When I Grow Up. Second is definitely School Song for the same three reasons